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What We Stand For
We believe that what you do is, perhaps, more important than what you say. So our brand message is based on our behavior and the value we create for our customers as evidenced by our accomplishments.

When all is said and done, it's performance that counts. Better technology in the hands of the industry's most skilled technicians has enabled our customers to perform faster, more powerful title searches with more confidence. Advanced database architecture combined with recent developments in the power and flexibility of our search engines has fueled our resolve to perfect the search for title.

Verifying a claim to title requires connecting people, property and events. It takes time and diligence. By adding more of the data our customers use from every available source and empowering them with automated search technology, we enable more comprehensive reporting, reduce exposure to risk and make the search process faster and more convenient.

It's common knowledge that public records are fraught with imperfections. How well we collect, assemble and correct public record data can make or break our reputation. So we deploy Quality Control teams to test and stress data. Our automated Data Discrepancy program enlists active customer participation. And our plant conversion teams have elevated data integrity using sophisticated data and image indexing techniques.

Whether it's through advanced product training, custom search services or outsourcing programs, we have in place many pillars of support. Our distinct advantage starts with a thorough understanding our our customers’ business and our knowledge of data and how to organize and manage it. This is bolstered by the commitment of our employees, who embrace a culture of customer satisfaction by delivering on our promises.

The promises we make


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