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Executive Leadership
John Walsh | Chief Operating Officer | After earning an accounting degree from Loyola Marymount University and his CPA while working for an accounting firm, John Walsh was invited to join Ticor Title Insurance as a financial analyst in 1988. Within a short time, he was the president's troubleshooter. Several promotions later, he was prepared to head newly launched Property Insight in 2001. Now, John says, "We've brought together a significant group of people who are knowledgeable in land records. They'll make innovations that will bring more efficiency to the customer. We'll implement higher standards and the customers will see the benefits."

Jim Violette | Executive Vice President, Technology | Jim is responsible for enterprise technology infrastructure and the development of data production, testing, and product delivery platforms for the Black Knight Data and Analytics Group. Jim joined Property Insight in 2001 as Vice President of Enterprise Development, with responsibility for delivering on the vision of establishing leadership in title information and technology for the newly-formed company. Today, the efforts of Jim and his team are manifest in the robust data management and applications infrastructure that support more than 15,000 users who have performed more than 2 billion searches since 2007, compiling research and critical documentation needed to safely underwrite title insurance. The functionality delivered through the company's title search and order management software has enabled a large segment of the industry to reduce expenses and lower underwriting risk while improving efficiency and productivity.

Don Livezey | Senior Vice President and Director, Product Office | Although he is constantly balancing the technology needs of customers with the drive to advance the state of title automation, Don Livezey's demeanor reflects calm and control. A graduate of the University of California, Irvine, he worked as a programmer, systems analyst, project manager and director of applications development in the real estate information industry. He considers the company's "dedication to plant and product superiority" as one of its greatest strengths and credits "the team of smart people who work well together and are passionate about what they do."

Deborah Horn | Vice President, National Sales Manager | "The title industry is one of the most demanding industries I have ever worked in," says Deb Horn, a 20-year veteran of the business. The secret to success, she says, is staying focused on meeting customers' needs. Sometimes that means thinking unconventionally to create new services that help meet emerging business challenges. As Vice President and National Sales Manager, Deb is unequivocal about the role of sales in Property Insight: "It's our job to be our customers' advocate," she says.

Nikki Bell | Vice President, Eastern Operations Manager | Nikki oversees plant operations for geographic and grantor-grantee indexed title plants in 13 states and manages national data acquisition and document imaging for the Data & Analytics Group of Black Knight Financial Services (in which Fidelity National Financial is a majority partner). In addition, she oversees the title department for Fidelity National Title Group (FNTG) Direct Operations in Florida and the Title Services teams that support Florida Agency operations and several national FNTG units. She is also responsible for Property Insight's Mid-Atlantic Judgment operation. Nikki is a graduate of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, where she majored in Social Sciences and minored in Asian Studies. An avid runner, Nikki also frequently competes in triathlons.

Clem Monterrosa | Vice President, Western Operations Manager | Clem Monterrosa leads by example. Since 1984 she has been inspiring coworkers, cultivating a spirit of commitment and comraderie. She began her career as a data entry clerk, working her way up as a data entry supervisor and operations manager. Today she leads a team of professionals responsible for some of the largest title plants in the U.S. Her accomplishments are the result of expecting the best of herself and her coworkers. "I come to work on time every day, I work hard, and if I have to ask my employees to work on the weekend, I’m right here beside them," she says.

Mike Carsella | Vice President, Midwest Operations Manager | A 35-year veteran of the title industry, Michael is proud of the benefits that Property Insight creates for its clients: "Property Insight commands a wealth of information and resources dedicated to providing the best in title information, technology and services. The organization contains a solid core of title professionals with years of experience in the business." Backed by a strong commitment from FNF corporate, he says, "Property Insight has been able to effectively balance the accuracy and integrity mandated by the industry with timeliness expected in the market place."


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