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Property Insight for Starters
Connect with the industry's largest repository of electronic starter records covering 50 states, available in TitlePoint, TitlePoint Xpress and Connection Point, the Web Services resource that enables XML connectivity.

With Xpress Search, available in TitlePoint Xpress, you can include starter records in an automated search of recorder, tax assessment and tax collection, title chain, document image and map repositories, producing the core components of a comprehensive search package.

Qualified customers can use Starter Search to perform local and statewide starter record searches using street address, parcel ID number, legal description and related elements, and by insured/party name. Expand your search using wildcards, and filter search results by document- and policy-type.

Open a title order with Starter Search and add title chain, tax and assessor data, document images and maps to create a comprehensive search package that can be dated-down, closed and saved in a electronic file format.

Starter Search results are displayed with expanded record details that include insured/buyer, escrow and title officer names. Click on links in the record detail to view the vesting clause, legal description and exceptions. When you have identified your record, simply add it to your order.

View starter images using iView, the integrated document image viewer available in TitlePoint and TitlePoint Xpress. With iView you can zoom and annotate images and convert image areas to text using the Optical Character Recognition feature.

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