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Web Services: The Next Step Forward
Better connectivity. Faster searching. Greater accuracy. Lower cost. Higher service quality. True customization. These are the goals we at Property Insight have established in response to what our customers have said they want and need.

With Connection Point, you can now connect directly with the plant using XML, which also gives you the ability to use the same robust data and document image search and order management tools available through TitlePoint and TitlePoint Xpress. The difference is, you conduct your searches directly from your in-house production system, saving you time and effort by eliminating manual data input, order interception, translation and transcription.

Connection Point is more than technology: it is part of a new business strategy to enable the free flow of information with and between companies. It is by no means the end to our search for better connectivity, but an important step in title processing that makes sense for today and creates new opportunities for the future.

Ask your representative for information on how you can use Connection Point in your business


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